Sticky Ass Glue


Extremely versatile, waterproof glue that works well on a variety of surfaces - wood, metals, ceramics and more.

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Available in Sizes:
1 Bottle 4 fl. oz.
1 Bottle 8 fl. oz.
1 Bottle 16 fl. oz.

Tags: waterproof eps board

Materials: wood fiberglass foam brick ceramic

Manufactured By:

Sticky Ass Glue
203 S Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105
Tel: 1-877-845-8530 (US)

Sticky Ass Glue was founded in 2008 by 4 dads looking for a better glue alternative when their attempts to fix a broken slide part went awry. Today, their brand of Sticky Ass Glue has a loyal following and continues to grow steadily. Sticky Ass Glue is manufactured and bottled in Southern California.